National Parliament House Tour

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Price: Starting from $72 USD* /per pax

Duration: Full Day Tour
Attractions Finest Architectural Establishment designed by Louis Kahn
Area Covered National Parliament House and Old Dhaka
Best Time Round the Year
Availability: Round the Year (except Weekend & Holidays)
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Explore the impressive architectural work of world renowned architect Louis Kahn - Bangladesh National Assembly Building or National Parliament House, one of the Largest Legislative Complexes in the world. This establishment consider one of the most significant buildings of twentieth century. Have lunch on parliament building’s cafeteria. Also visit some Remarkable Attractions of Old Dhaka.

Visit every part of the “National Parliament House” building both inside and outside. Also look the surrounding areas of this complex including – “Crescent Lake” and “MP Hostel”. We will arrange all the necessary permission and paper works to visit “Bangladesh National Assembly Building” before your arrival.

    Tour Highlights:
  • Visit Pottery Village. Observe and experience the life and work of the potters of Bangladesh.
  • Visit whole complex including both Inside and Outside of the National Assembly Building of Bangladesh.
  • Lunch on the VIP Cafeteria inside of the Parliament House Building.
  • Visit Lalbagh Fort at Old Dhaka.
  • Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque at Old Dhaka.
  • Visit Dhakeshwari Temple at Old Dhaka.
01Day One: Arrival, and Pick Up
  • Our guide along with driver will pick you up from your hotel or residence at 09:30 AM and start driving towards the National Assembly Building one of the key tourist attractions in Dhaka (Dacca / Jahangir Nagar).
  • Visit key parts of the National Assembly Building (Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban / National Parliament House / Jatio Songsod Vobon) from outside.
  • Visit Crescent Lake (Chandrima Uddan) which is a part of the National Assembly Building’s main design.
  • Visit inside the building. We will show you every major parts of this building. Also visit Assembly Hall, Library and Prayer Hall of the parliament house.
  • Will take lunch on VIP Cafeteria inside of this compound.
  • Drive towards Old Dhaka (Puran Dhaka) to visit 400 years old Lalbagh Fort (Fort Aurangabad), an incomplete fort of Mughal Era.
  • Visit Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque (Mridha Mosjid) which is also built in the Mughal age.
  • Visit 800 years old Dhakeshwari Temple (Dhakeshwari National Temple / Dhakeshshori Jatio Mondir), which is the National Temple of Bangladesh and the religious centre of the Hindu community of Dhaka.
  • Drop you off at your hotel or residence.
  • Say Good Bye.
  • End of the Tour.
Tour Includes:
  • Pick-up and Drop-off service at Dhaka.
  • Air-conditioned adequate Transportation.
  • Experienced English speaking Guide.
  • Experienced and well-behaved Driver.
  • All site entrance fees, including Parliament Building House and Lalbagh Fort.
  • Arranged permission to visit National Assembly Building.
  • Lunch with soft drinks at the Parliament House Cafeteria.
  • Mineral Drinking Water on tour.
  • All tips except our Guide and Driver.
Tour Excludes:
  • Any food, drinks, or beverage other than mentioned above.
  • Any personal item(s).
  • Minimum 02 people are required to book this tour.
  • Tour is not available at Friday, Saturday and any Govt. Holidays.
  • Lalbagh Fort is closed on Sunday. If you book this tour on Sunday then you will cover all the places mentioned into this itinerary except Lalbagh Fort.
Cell Phone Network Coverage:
  • Literally Grameen Phone (Network Provider) locally known as “GP” is the best cell phone operator or network provider company of our country, which network signal is easily found all over the country (except Sundarbans and some restricted places). But you may also consider Robi, Banglalink or Teletalk.
  • After arrival you can easily locate their selling point (just after passing the immigration point) in side of the Dhaka Airport, where you can easily buy a Pre-Activated SIM-Card and Top-Up from there as well depends on your need. But if somehow you missed it then we can help you to get one.
  • To get this temporary Pre-Activated Sim-Card the provider will not asked any Photo IDs’ of yours.
  • This temporary Sim-Card will valid for 60 days or couple of months depends which network provider you choose. After the validity of your Sim-Card is expired it will be automatically De-Activated.
  • If you are more likely hanging in to the over the net phone calls using by various apps (Whats App, IMO, Messenger, Viber, Skype) then just Top-Up a certain amount of money to buy a Internet Plan or Data Bundle Pack like 2GB, 4GB and this data pack will valid for 30 days. The cost will be proximately 500+ BDT.
  • Besides these you will find Wi-Fi access most of your accommodation places all over the country.
  • Note: For more details please see Blog Posts.
  • Citizens of EU, USA, Australia, Canada, Russia and some Asian countries can get Visa on Arrival (VOA) in Bangladesh, which is a pretty easy process.
  • Though there is a rule to take visa beforehand if you have a Bangladesh mission on the country where you are coming from, but this rule is completely overlooked. Most of the airport’s in our country, the Immigration Officers never check where you are coming from. They only check if you are a national of a country which are eligible for VOA, and directly issued the visa.
  • Unless there is a long Queue for VOA, it will take just 10-15 minutes of your time to get VOA. Fee for most of the country is 51 Dollar USD. You will not require any previous application or anything else to get the visa. However, they will ask you for your hotel reservation and a phone no of the hotel or where ever you stayed in during your visit to this country. You just simply show our details itinerary which we will send you once you confirm your booking, where all the hotels information will be written and also give them the contact details of ours. They will be happy enough to give you a VOA for maximum 30 days validity.
  • Note: For more details please see Travel Essentials and Blog Posts.
Foreign Exchange:
  • ATM Availability: Although Bangladesh has many ATMs, some of these do not accept foreign cards – your guide can give advice on which ATM’s to use but we do not advise relying on ATM’s alone for money.
  • Bank Card Acceptance: Cards are generally accepted only in expensive shops and restaurants.
  • Local Currency: Taka (BDT).
  • Recommended Currency for Exchange: US Dollar, but EURO is ok.
  • Where to Exchange: There are a number of exchange houses in large towns and cities. You can also exchange from any bank as well.
  • Note: For more details please see Travel Essentials and Blog Posts.
Eating :
  • Restaurants are widely available everywhere. There are few types of restaurant you will find, depends on their food, quality, hygiene and price. Our guide will help you to find decent restaurant where you will get the best quality food.
  • Most of the common Bengali Food is very tasty rather than Indian food. But the main difference is that the Bengali Food is bit spicy considering the Indian dishes.
  • Most of the places in Bangladesh you will find some common food like Kichuri (Kichudi / Kichdi), and Biriyani (Birani). Kichuri is a dish make with aromatic rice and lentils and served with a piece of meat or egg. Other hand Biriyani is a special dish cooked together with meat, aromatic rice and added spices.
  • You will find some Fast-Food corner as well. You can also find Samosa (Somocha) and Singara (Samosa) as a snacks everywhere.
  • Tea and soft drinks are very cheap. Mineral water is widely available.
  • We can take you to the Western Restaurant (depends on availability) if you wish (only on private tour) on your own expenses.
  • Note: For more details please see Terms & Conditions and Blog Posts.
  • Bangladesh is a secular Muslim country, and whilst the people are very liberal and friendly, alcohol is not widely available. There are few hotels which have a bar, and even at these establishments you cannot usually drink in the restaurant.
  • Local beer, when available, costs approx. $ 3 USD for a 300ml can, and a measure of spirits is similarly priced. Wine is not available. It may sometimes be possible to purchase alcohol outside the hotels, but it is prohibited to consume in public places. There is a duty free shop at Dhaka airport (before immigration) and you are permitted to buy and carry two bottles of spirits per person.
  • In Dhaka, there are some wire houses from where you can buy alcohol showing your foreign passport. Usually they sell whole cartons of 24 bottles/cans, you can buy single bottle or can as well but the price will be little higher that time.
  • Note: For more details please see Terms & Conditions and Blog Posts.
Tipping / Bakshis:
  • Tipping is common practice in Asia. There is no fixed limit in Bangladesh for tipping; most workers will expect a small tip, especially from foreigners. Anything from 100 Taka upwards, depending on the service provided by person.
  • At the end of the tour, if your principle guide and the driver have been helpful then you could think about tipping them. The amount can obviously be left to you.
  • Note: For more details please see Blog Posts.
  • Booking this tour at least 02 weeks in advance is advised.
  • Required full advance payment to book this tour.
  • You need to wear modest cloths to enter the mosque, temple included on the tour. It’s not possible and also forbidden to visit the mosque, temple wearing shorts.
  • Ladies need to cover their arms and hair while entering the mosque, temple.
  • Shoes must leave outside while entering the mosque and temple.
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