Barisal Backwater Tour



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Price: Starting from $227 USD* /per pax

Duration: 2 Day, 3 Nights
Attractions Canal Cruise, Floating Markets & Village Life
Area Covered Barisal & Pirojpur
Best Time June - September
Availability: Round the Year
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Barisal, the southern division of Bangladesh, is flooded with rivers and canals which are the part of Ganges Delta. Hundreds of them flow through this region like veins in the body, as a result this part is delectably lush landscape with more shades of green than you ever imagined. Traveling by boat is the way of life there. In Barisal Backwater Tour you will explore the Vast Rivers and Canals flow through the villages by country boat where you Experience and Photograph Life in Ganges Delta.

Take an overnight ferry at Barisal and cruise through the “Main Stream of Ganges Delta”. Explore it’s “Canals” and “Rivers” on a small “Country Boat” all day long. Visit endless “Guava Gardens” and “Floating Guava Markets” on its’ full ripen season, “Floating Markets” of Rice, Vegetables and Tropical Fruits. Observe the “Traditional Life” on the sides of rivers and canals and lots of interesting countryside things full of activities. Discover “Rural Bangladesh” on this tour, which is the common life style of more than 80% people in this country.

    Tour Highlights:
  • Overnight journey on a century old Paddle Steamer called Rocket.
  • Visit different types of Floating Markets and Bazaars.
  • Visit Schools, Coconut Recycle Factories, Timber Market, Brick Factories.
  • Go overland and walk through villages, meet locals and observe Common Village Life in Bangladesh.
  • Cruise vast Rivers and numerous Canals by boat in Barisal.
  • Taste Freshly cooked various Bengali Cuisine, Street Food and Garden Plucked different Tropical Fruits.
01Night One: Overnight Ferry to Barisal
  • Our guide will pick you up in the afternoon from your hotel or living place at 03:30 PM and transfer to Sadarghat River Port Station (Dhaka Sadarghat / Sodorghat) in Old Dhaka.
  • After arrival embark to the Rocket Steamer (Paddle Steamer / Steamship / Riverboat) around 06:00 PM. Starting a memorable overnight journey to Barisal (Borishal / Bakla-Chandradwip / Gird-e-Bandar).
  • Taste freshly cooked traditional Bengali dishes in the Rocket Steamer's dine in.
  • Overnight at Rocket Steamer (1st Class Air-Conditioned sleeping cabin).
  • End of Night 01.
02Day One: Barisal, Floating Market, and Experience life on Ganges Delta
  • Disembark at Barisal from Rocket in the early morning around 5.30 AM and transfer to your hotel.
  • After check in and freshen up quickly, drive towards Swarupkati (Sorupkathi) a remote place in Pirojpur district on a Tuk-Tuk or CNG (30 km, 1 hour). Upon arrival you will embark at our waiting motorized country boat and start cruising towards, to see the Floating Market (Vasoman Bajar) or other interesting places depending on the which day of the week. We start the days bit early this part of this tour as because the Floating Market sets around 07:00 AM in the morning and end within 09:00 AM.
  • Breakfast will served on the boat, bought from a local market. Being a very remote place where no decent restaurant is available, menu will be limited to Bread (Loaf / Pau-roti), Jam (Fruit Preserves), Marmalade (Jelly), Nutella (Nocilla) etc. and some seasonal Fruits (Fol). Packed bottle of Mineral drinking Water (Khabar Paani), and Tea (Cha / Chai) or Coffee (Kofi) also served on the boat.
  • You will cruise all day long in the rivers and various small canals in Pirojpur and visit a Floating Market, where people bring everything to sell by boat which is full of activities and perfect for Photography (Chobi Tula). Goods on these markets are mainly sold on wholesale from farmers to vendors.
  • For lunch we will buy some seasonal local fruits like Jackfruit (Kathal), Watermelon (Tormuj), Lychee (Lichu), Mango (Aam), Coconut (Narkel), Guava (Peyara), etc. from local market. We will enjoy our food and continue cruising.
  • You will also visit Bazaars (Bajar) on land, make a stop on villages and have a cup of tea while meeting with the locals and exchange culture with them. You will also visit a Factory Yard (Coconut Recycle Factory) where they mark (separate) fiber from coconut shell which is used as a raw material to make ECO Friendly Carpet and Rope.
  • Return to our staring place around 004.00 PM, transfers to Barisal by Tuk-Tuk, and retire for rest of the day.
  • In the evening, we will take you to a descent restaurant at Barisal downtown for dinner.
  • Overnight at Barisal (Hotel Arena / Athena).
  • End of day 01 and night 02.
03Day Two: Backwater Tour, and Experience Life on Ganges Delta
  • Have your breakfast on a local restaurant at Barisal at 7.30 AM and transfer to Swarupkati (Sorupkathi), a remote place in Pirojpur by Tuk-Tuk (30 km, 1 hr). Embark our waiting motorize country boat upon arrival and start cruising afterwards.
  • Today you will visit some other places through the narrow canals and rivers. You will float through the backyards of people’s house and see their lifestyle. Most of the time they welcome you and raise their hands to greet you from the land, visit numerous Guava Gardens (Peyara Bagan) where 80% of country’s Guavas are grown. Observe a Floating Guava Market (Vasoman Peyara Bagan), visit kids, children and teachers on a school where you can talk with them and exchange culture.
  • For lunch locally bought fruits will be served on the boat as previous day. Packed bottle of Mineral drinking Water, and Tea or Coffee also served on boat.
  • Continue our cruising through the narrow canals and rivers and the attraction next for today will be visiting a Timber Market (Kather Bajar) which is the largest market of this type in the Southern Part of Bangladesh. You will see logs dumped beside the river spread in miles long places, carried away on the river water very slowly with the help of a boat, loading and unloading them manually with the help of tide. Also you will see a shore to visit numerous Sawmills (So-Mill) where they saw the logs according to the needs of the customers transfer to the boat.
  • Return to our starting place around 04.00 PM and transfer to your hotel at Barisal by Tuk-Tuk (30 km, 1 hr).
  • After quick freshen up, check out from hotel by evening and straight to a descent local restaurant in Barisal downtown for dinner.
  • End of day 02.
04Night Three: Overnight Ferry to Dhaka
  • After dinner, transfer to Barisal River Port Station.
  • After arrival embark to the Passenger Ferry around 07:30 PM. Starting overnight journey to Dhaka (Dacca / Jahangir Nagar).
  • Overnight at Passenger Ferry (1st Class Air-Conditioned sleeping cabin).
  • Arrived Dhaka early in the morning around 06:00 AM.
  • Transfer to your desired location and say Good Bye.
  • End of Night 03.
  • End of the Tour.
Tour Includes:
  • All Pick-up and Drop-off service at Dhaka and Barisal.
  • 02 Nights accommodation on passenger ferry or rocket cabins and 01 Night accommodation in hotel at Barisal as mentioned in the itinerary.
  • 1st class air conditioned cabin on the passenger ferry or on rocket to Barisal (from Dhaka) and from Barisal (to Dhaka) on twin sharing basis.
  • Air conditioned rooms in hotel at Barisal on twin share basis.
  • 02 Breakfast and 02 Lunch with locally purchased fruits, drinking water, tea or coffee while on country boat at Pirojpur.
  • 03 Dinners, one at Rocket / Passenger Ferry’s dine in and two at Barisal down town in a decent local restaurant.
  • Rickshaw and Tuk-Tuk will be the transport at Barisal.
  • All boat rides mentioned in the itinerary.
  • English speaking, and experienced full time Guide.
  • All tips except our Guide, Driver, and Boat Crew.
Tour Excludes:
  • Any food, drinks, or beverage other than mentioned above.
  • Any personal item(s).
  • Minimum 02 people are required to book this tour outside the scheduled tours. Solo travelers can only join the scheduled tours.
  • Tour is available to start on any Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday round the year.
  • This tour can also start on any Monday*, Thursday* or Friday* round the year. But in that case the overnight journey (Dhaka-Barisal) will be completed with an modernized regular ferry instead of traditional Paddle Steamer.
Rocket Steamer:
  • 1st Class Air-Conditioned tickets of Rocket Steamer depends on availability. You might have to travel on the 2nd Class if 1st Class is not available. Only difference between 1st and 2nd Class on Rocket Steamer is 2nd Class is located in the back side and have no Air-Conditioning. Other facilities are the same. Passengers of 2nd Class can utilize all the facilities of 1st Class, e.g. Dining Area, front side Sitting Area, Toilet.
  • On Friday, Rocket service is off because of weekend holiday. On Monday and Thursday, a traditional ferry comes in service instead of the paddle wheel steamer. If you book for these days or any other days except our mentioned one, you have to travel on the traditional ferry instead of paddle wheel steamer.
  • For any unexpected reason if Rocket Steamer ticket is not available at all, we’ll take you up to Barisal by traditional ferry (overnight part).
  • Xpert Tours will not be liable for any schedule change of Rocket Steamer.
  • Note: For more details please see Terms & Conditions and Blog Posts.
Eating :
  • All Breakfast (02), Lunch (02), and Dinners (03) are included on the trip. You need to pay for the rest except our mentioned one during your trip.
  • Tea or Coffee and Mineral water also included on the trip.
  • Restaurants are widely available everywhere. There are few types of restaurant you will find, depends on their food, quality, hygiene and price. Our guide will help you to find decent restaurant where you will get the best quality food.
  • Most of the common Bengali Food is very tasty rather than Indian food. But the main difference is that the Bengali Food is bit spicy considering the Indian dishes.
  • Most of the places in Bangladesh you will find some common food like Kichuri (Kichudi / Kichdi), and Biriyani (Birani). Kichuri is a dish make with aromatic rice and lentils and served with a piece of meat or egg. Other hand Biriyani is a special dish cooked together with meat, aromatic rice and added spices.
  • You will find some Fast-Food corner as well. You can also find Samosa (Somocha) and Singara (Samosa) as a snacks everywhere.
  • Tea and soft drinks are very cheap. Mineral water is widely available.
  • We can take you to the Western Restaurant (depends on availability) if you wish (only on private tour) on your own expenses.
  • Note: For more details please see Terms & Conditions and Blog Posts.
Tipping / Bakshis:
  • Tipping is common practice in Asia. There is no fixed limit in Bangladesh for tipping; most workers will expect a small tip, especially from foreigners. Anything from 100 Taka upwards, depending on the service provided by person.
  • At the end of the tour, if your principle guide and the driver have been helpful then you could think about tipping them. The amount can obviously be left to you.
  • Note: For more details please see Blog Posts.
  • Booking this tour at least 02 weeks in advance is advised.
  • Required full payment in advance to book this tour.
  • Itinerary of this tour is fully flexible, not fixed. It can be changed depending on the day of the week, as different markets and bazaars sets on different days of the week.
  • Days on this tour will start very early in the morning. So you need a good sleep to enjoy the day(s).
  • This tour designed for those who love to see different People and Culture. There is no Sight-Seeing attractions on this tour.
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