Amazing Bangladesh

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Price: Starting from $981 USD* /per pax

Duration: 13 Days, 12 Nights
Attractions Best Places of Bangladesh
Area Covered Dhaka, Bagerhat, Sundarbans, Khulna, Narail, and Srimangal
Best Time September - March
Availability: Round the Year (starting with Friday, Saturday & Tuesday)
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This “Arrival” to “Departure” Bangladesh travel package, “ Amazing Bangladesh” is designed to cover the best Places and Tour Attractions of Bangladesh, recommended by popular travel guides like bradt and LonelyPlanet and the recommendations by our previous guest’s.

Key features of this tour package (Amazing Bangladesh) are focusing mostly on the People, Culture and Wildlife of Bangladesh. This tourism package (Amazing Bangladesh) takes you to explore the most famous destinations of Bangladesh, including all three UNESCO World Heritage Sites - 60 Dome Mosque at Bagerhat, Sundarbans at Khulna, and Sompur Mahabihara at Paharpur. Spend a day at Khulna to observe Otter Fishing and a Cookery Session. Three days at Srimangal - Tea Capital of Bangladesh. A day tour in Sonargaon - Old Capital of Bengal, and Panam Nagar - Abandoned Hindu Merchant City. and another day tour at Brass Village and Pottery Village. Get close up to the nature and wildlife in Sundarbans and Srimangal. Experiencing plain life of people at river side at Ganges Delta with a leisure trip on a Paddle Wheel Steamer called Rocket. If you really like to uncover Bangladesh in a short time spend and wants to see true gorgeousness of her which is she holds beyond the reach of regular tourists, and track outside the capabilities of common guide books,this package is (Amazing Bangladesh) the ideal for you. End of this tour you can treasure some precious memories, memories that you will always remember.

This tour package starts with visiting Dhaka, the “Capital of Bangladesh”, and following you will experience the century old “Paddle Wheel Steamer” called Rocket on board for a overnight journey, onwards visiting the amazing 60 Dome Mosque in “Mosque City” at Bagerhat, an “UNESCO World Heritage” site, and spend three days inside in Sundarbans, the “Largest Mangrove Forest” in the world. You will see how the fisherman skillfully fishing with the help of Trained Otters, “Otter Fishing” in Narail, which is rare to find in any other parts of Asia. You will visit a local family in Khulna along with a “Cookery Session” where you will learn how to cook “Traditional Bengali Dishes”, and taste them all.

After that you will visit the “Tea Capital of Bangladesh”, Srimangal to visit it’s lavish “Tea Gardens”, “National Parks and Sanctuary”, “Tribal Villages” of “Khasi” and “Manipuri” tribe, and “Wetlands” for ”Bird Watching”. Next you will visit “Ancient Capital of Bengal”, Sonargaon and “Abandoned Merchant City”, Panam Nagar, and “Brass Village” and “Pottry Village”.

    Tour Highlights:
  • Visit all 03 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Bangladesh.
  • Full day Dhaka City Tour in and around Dhaka, including Rickshaw Rides on narrow streets of Chawk Bazar, and handheld Traditional Wooden Boat Ride on Dhaka’s busiest river Buriganga.
  • Overnight journey on a Century old Paddle Steamer called Rocket.
  • Visit Historical Sites at Bagerhat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a City from 15th Century, along with 60 Dome Mosques.
  • Explore the Largest Mangrove Forest on Earth, Sundarbans for full 03 days.
  • Experience Otter Fishing, where you will see how the fisherman cleverly fishing with the help of Trained Otters, which is rare to find in any other parts of Asia.
  • Spend 03 days at Srimangal, the Tea Capital of Bangladesh, close to the nature and in the middle of endless tea plantations.
  • Trekking inside Lawachara National Park, a Wildlife Sanctuary, and visiting different Tribal Villages (Khasi & Manipuri Tribe).
  • Cycling through the Trails inside the numerous tea gardens.
  • Visit Baikka Beel, a Wetland Sanctuary for Migratory Birds and different kind of local endangered Fishes for Bird Watching.
  • Experience simple Life of Farmers on the Island of river Meghna and Jamuna, one of the Major Rivers of Bangladesh.
  • Visit ancient Capital of Bengal, Sonargaon and Panam City.
  • Visit Brass and Pottery Village and observe closely how the Artisan creates such a masterpiece.
  • Visit local families to know their Culture, Tradition and Life-Style.
  • Ride 03 Bangladeshi Trains on different directions, a Unique Experience for life time.
  • 01 Cookery Session to learn some Traditional Bengali Cuisine/ Dishes and later chance to taste it.
  • Taste Freshly cooked various Bengali Cuisine, Street Food and Garden Plucked different Seasonal Fresh Fruits.
  • Chances to Shop different types of Authentic and Traditional Clothes, Pearl Jewelries, Ornaments and Handicrafts.
01Day One : Arrival, and Pick Up
  • Our guide will meet you inside to the airport, pick you up and accompanying you to transfer and check in to your hotel.
  • Lunch or Dinner at hotel’s dine in.
  • Overnight at Dhaka (Hotel Ornate or 71)
  • End of day 01.
02Day Two : Dhaka City Tour, and Paddle Steamer
  • Our guide will pick you up from your hotel lobby at 08:00 AM and visit key tourist attractions in Dhaka (Dacca) all day long, including Dhakeshwari Temple (Dhakeshwari National Temple / Dhakeshshori Jatio Mondir), Lalbagh Fort (Fort Aurangabad), an incomplete fort of Mughal Era, Chawk Bazar (Chowkbazar), the Oldest and the Biggest Wholesale Market Place of Bangladesh, Star Mosque (Tara Masjid), Armenian Church (Armenian Apostolic Church of the Resurrection), Ahsan Manzil (Pink Palace / Ahsan Monjil), the Official Residence of the Nawab’s of Dhaka and Shankhari Bazaar (Shakhari Bajar), themost Dense Hindu Resident Place in Bangladesh and the area was established in 17th century.
  • Break for lunch in a descent local restaurant of Old Dhaka (Puran Dhaka) and taste the Traditional and Authentic local Bengali Cuisine (specially the Biriyani).
  • After lunch return to hotel for 1-2 hours for freshen up before heading towards Sadarghat River Port Station.
  • Visit Sadarghat River Port Station (Dhaka Sadarghat / Sodorghat), the Most Busiest River Port Station of South East Asia and enjoy a short boat ride at river Buriganga (Old Ganges) on a traditional handheld wooden boat to feel the rhythm of the live and vibrant river and enjoy sunset.
  • Embark Rocket Steamer (Paddle Steamer / Steamship / Riverboat) at Sadarghat River Station at 18:00 PM. starting a memorable overnight journey in Rocket Steamer to Hularhat (a river port station in Piroj Pur district, near to Bagerhat).
  • Taste freshly cooked traditional Bengali dishes in the Rocket Steamer's dine in.
  • Overnight at Rocket Steamer (1st Class Air-Conditioned sleeping cabin).
  • End of day 02.
03Day Three : UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Mosque City Bagerhat
  • Enjoy the riverside beauty of Bangladesh from Rocket Steamer in the morning.
  • Have your breakfast in the Rocket Steamer's dine in.
  • Disembark from Rocket Steamer at Hularhat (Holar-Hat) around 10.00 AM.
  • Drive towards village Kodla (50 km, 2 hrs) in an air-conditioned car and visit 17th Century Kodla Moth (Kodla Temple / Kodla Mondir) near a village named Ayodhya (Ojoddha), about 10 km or so north of Bagerhat.
  • Heading back Bagerhat (20 km, 1 hr) and visit the 15th Century Muslim City once called Khalifabad or Mint City, which is the present Bagerhat, the Mosque City.
  • Visit most attractive mosques from the 15th Century City, Khalifabad all day long including, Rono Bijoypur Mosque (Rono Bijoy Pur Mosjid), Shrine of Khan Jahan Ali (Khan Jahan Ali Mazar), the Turkish General and Saint who came to spread Islam in this country and founded this great city, and 09 Dome Mosque (Noy Gombuj Mosjid).
  • Have a break for lunch in a descent local village restaurant at Bagerhat and taste the traditional and authentic local Bengali food. After lunch, will continue sightseeing for the remaining places.
  • Start visiting the remaining attractive mosques from 15th Century. This time will visit Chunakhola Mosque (Chuna Khula Masjid), Bibi Begni Mosque (Bibi Begoni Mosjid), 60 Dome Mosque (Shat Gombuj Mosjid) which is the UNESCO protected World Heritage Site, Bagerhat Museum (Bagerhat Jadu Ghor) and at the end Singair Mosque (Singair Mosjid).
  • After all these, before start to Mongla (Mungla) will take a break and have a cup of tea. In late afternoon will drive towards Mongla (50 km, 2 hrs).
  • Have your dinner at Parjatan Motel Pashur’s dine in.
  • Overnight at Mongla (Parjatan Motel Pashur).
  • End of day 03.
04Day Four: Sundarbans: Harbaria, and Kochikhali
  • Our guide will meet you at the lobby of your motel in an adequate time and transfer to our waiting boat in the jetty at 07:00 AM, and start cruising immediately towards Sundarbans (Sundorbon).
  • Freshly cooked delicious traditional breakfast will served in the boat along with locally collected Pure Sundarban’s Honey (Sundorbon Modhu). Unlimited Tea and Coffee also available.
  • Will stop on a Forest Station (Ranger’s Office) on the way to complete the official formalities. From that point one (or two) of the Forest Guard(s), with armed will join with us for rest of the tour (Sundarbans part only). After these will continue towards Kochikhali.
  • We will make a stop around 11:30 AM on the Harbaria Forest Station (Ranger’s Office) for an hour long trail, which will be our first warming up activities for rest of the tour in Sundarbans. After finished the trail we start cruising again.
  • Freshen up and enjoy your lunch with freshly cooked delicious authentic food on the boat with traditional dessert.
  • We continue cruising through many small canals and big rivers deep inside to the Sundarbans until we reached at Kochikhali, our anchor point for first night. While cruising, you will spot lots of Birds (Pakhi), Kingfisher (Mach Ranga), Deer (Horin), Wild boar (Buno Shukor), Crocodile (Kumir), and many more Wildlife, and who knows? May be Tiger (Bagh) as well. We were the only lucky tour operator to spot several Wild Bengal Tiger(s) in last few years on tour in Sundarbans.
  • In late afternoon you will have a boat ride in search for wildlife and get a closer look too. Basically most of the wildlife comes to drink water in the late afternoon and early morning time on the creeks and canals. You will seat on the boat silently and float by on a breathtaking environment listening to many birds charming, and the calls of many animals.
  • After getting back to the boat freshen up first or go straight to taste the lip smacking traditional snacks, which is freshly cooked by the Cook.
  • Before dinner, our experienced Wildlife Guide will help you to recognize and identify all the wildlife that you have seen all day long and also help you to write down their names in your note book.
  • Take your dinner on the boat in your convenient time, which is freshly cooked and enjoy dessert as well.
  • Stay overnight on the boat in a sleeper cabin. Our boats will anchoring in the middle of the river in front of Kochikhali Forest Station.
  • End of day 04.
05Day Five: Sundarbans: Kochikhali, and Kotka Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Wake up early in the morning, at the time of dawn (depend on the season). After having a warm cup of Tea or Coffee will have a handheld wooden boat ride on a nearby canal silently, to spot wildlife and take pictures for couple of hours.
  • Back to the main boat, and have breakfast at 08:00 AM. Take rest for a while and get ready for trailing.
  • Start trailing around 10:00 AM on the forest from Kochikhali Forest Station towards Jamtola Beach (10 km, 03 hrs). We will spend an hour on the beach which is the quietest, nicest, and cleanest beach in Bangladesh. Continue trail towards Kotka Forest Station through the forest.
  • Reach Kotka forest station jetty and embark to our waiting boat.
  • Will have lunch on the boat with freshly cooked food and rest for couple of hours.
  • In the late afternoon after having our Snacks will go to the Watch Tower at Kotka and seat there until dusk. This is a feeding ground of animals. Lots of deer, wild boar, and other wild animals come here in the evening to eat grass and drink water. Who knows what surprises waiting for you!
  • Before it’s too dark we will back to our boat and heading back to Horintana Forest Station (a place between Kotka and Mongla).
  • Like previous day before dinner, our experienced Wildlife Guide will help you to recognize and identify all the wildlife that you have seen all day long and also help you to write down their names in your note book.
  • We will have a BBQ on our boat for dinner tonight, as because this is our last night at Sundarbans.
  • Overnight on the boat in a sleeping cabin, anchoring in the middle of the river in front of Horintana Forest Station.
  • End of day 05.
06Day Six: Sundarbans: Karamjol Wildlife Sanctuary, and Khulna
  • Wake up early in the morning, at the time of first light (depend on the season). After having a cup of Tea or Coffee will have a handheld wooden boat ride on a nearby canal silently, to spot wildlife and take pictures for couple of hours.
  • Back to the main boat, and have breakfast around 08:00 AM. Meanwhile our captain will start cursing towards Joymoni to visit a village, where most of the people are Fisherman. But they catch the Baby Prawns from the river Pashur during tide. Also visit a Crab Farm. Our Forest Guard will leave here.
  • Return to our main boat waiting for us to the other end of this village. Have a glass of Lemonade to quench our thirst. We will start towards Koromjol from here immediately.
  • After arrived at Karamjol Wildlife Sanctuary and Crocodile Breeding Center (Conservation Center too), we will go for a trail for an hour.
  • Return to the main boat at noon and have lunch. We will start our return journey towards Mongla from here.
  • Arrived Mongla in the afternoon, say bye to our Boat Crews and drive to Khulna (55 km, 1.3 hrs). Will arrived Khulna around 05:00 PM.
  • Check in to your hotel, and retire for the day. You may like to go for a swim on the pool or to the gym for stretching up at your hotel.
  • Dinner at your hotel’s dine in.
  • Overnight at Khulna (Hotel City Inn or Castle Salam).
  • End of day 06.
07Day Seven: Khulna - Narail, Otter Fishing, and Cookery
  • After breakfast, start towards Noapara Ghat, at Jessore, a place between middle of Khulna and Narail at 08:30 AM (40 km, 1.30 hrs). Upon Arrival cross the river by local ferry boat.
  • We will take motorbike from here (after crossing the river) to reach the fisherman village (25 km, 1 hr), to Narail district.
  • Observe the Otter Fishing activities, with the fisherman on river Chitra, a unique experience for life time. Basically fishermen are using a rare technique that relies on coordination between humans and Trained Otters, a centuries-old fishing partnership that has already long died out in other parts of Asia.
  • Take break for tea and snacks instead of lunch in a local restaurant. Because this place is quite remote then the other places and didn’t have any good quality restaurant.
  • Heading back from Narail, fisherman village to ferry station by motorbike (25 km, 1 hr). Cross the river by local ferry boat to Noapara Ghat
  • After crossing the river, start towards Khulna (40 km, 1.30 hrs), and arrived at the hotel in late afternoon, around 04:00 PM.
  • At 05:30 PM we will take you to introduce with a local family, and you will attend a Cookery Session over there to learn Traditional Bengali Cuisine/ Dishes. After finished the cooking, you will enjoy your food for dinner. After dinner back to the hotel.
  • Overnight at Khulna (Hotel City Inn or Castle Salam).
  • End of day 07.
08Day Eight: Khulna - Dhaka by train
  • After breakfast, checkout from the hotel at 07:45 AM and transfer to Khulna Railway Station. Your train, Chitra Express will depart for Dhaka at 08:30 AM.
  • Arrived Dhaka around 06:30 PM, and transfer to your hotel.
  • Dinner at your hotel’s dine in.
  • Overnight at Dhaka (Hotel Richmond or De Meridian).
  • End of day 08.
09Day Nine: Dhaka - Srimangal, Tea Plantations, and Tribal Village
  • After breakfast checkout from hotel. Our guide will pick you up from hotel lobby at 06:30 AM, transfer to Airport Railway Station, and take 07.12 AM Parabat Express to Srimangal (Srimongol). Arrived at Srimangal Train Station around 12:00 PM.
  • After arrival, check-in to the hotel, freshen up quickly.
  • Lunch at cottage’s dine in.
  • Will start visit Tea Gardens (Cha Bagan) and Tribal Village (Adi Basi Gram) nearby Tuk-Tuk.
  • We will take you to the Nilkontho Tea Cabin at dusk, to taste 7 Layer Tea, which can’t be found anywhere except this place.
  • Dinner either at your cottage’s dine in or to the downtown to taste something authentic.
  • Overnight at Srimangal (Nisorgo Eco Cottage or Novem Eco Resort).
  • End of day 09.
10Day Ten: Lawachara National Park, and Cycling
  • After breakfast, early morning, go for a rewarding wildlife trekking through the Lawachara National Park. We take at least 03 hours trail for the maximum opportunity to see wildlife, specially the Hoolock Gibbon (Ullook) for which this forest is famous for, but you may also see Barking Deer, Python, Spit Viper, Loris, King Cobra, Pig-Tailed Macaque, Phayre’s Leaf Monkey, Capped Leaf Monkey, Spider etc.
  • Return to the cottage, have lunch, and take some rest.
  • Cycling through the trails of beautiful tea gardens rest of the day. People who love cycling, Srimangal could be a heaven for them. Trails through the tea gardens are scenic and also not very extreme. You will also be cycling through the Rubber Plantations (Rabar Bagan), Pineapple Gardens (Anaros Bagan), Lemon Gardens (Lebu Bagan), and village roads. Continue cycling until sunset. If you prefer not to do cycling, we will take you in sight seeing by Tuk-Tuk.
  • Dinner at your cottage’s dine in.
  • Overnight at Srimangal (Nisorgo Eco Cottage or Novem Eco Resort).
  • End of day 10.
11Day Eleven: Bird Watching (only in Winter), and Srimangal - Dhaka by Train
  • Early in the morning in an adequate time, start to visit Baikka Beel (20 km, 1 hr), and Wetland Sanctuary. Basically it’s a Sanctuary for the Fishes and a great hideout for the Migratory Birds. This place is a paradise for the bird lovers. Or you can remain in your cottage for resting yourself before the long journey or walk around nearby after breakfast.
  • Return to the cottage late morning. After breakfast, rest for a while.
  • Dinner at cottage’s dine in.
  • Checkout from the cottage at 04:30 PM and transfer to Srimangal Railway Station. Your train, Parabat Express will depart for Dhaka at 05:14 PM.
  • Arrived Dhaka around 10:30 PM, and transfer to your hotel.
  • Dinner at your hotel’s dine in.
  • Overnight at Dhaka (Hotel Richmond or De Meridian).
  • End of day 11.


  • Morning is free to do anything after breakfast.
  • Checkout from the cottage at 10:00 AM and transfer to Srimangal Railway Station. Your train, Jayantika Express will depart for Dhaka at 10:50 PM.
  • Arrived Dhaka around 04:20 PM, and transfer to your hotel.
  • Dinner at your hotel’s dine in.
  • Overnight at Dhaka (Hotel Richmond or De Meridian).
  • End of day 11.
12Day Twelve: Old Capital Sonargaon, and Panam City or Brass and Pottery Village Tour
  • Pick you up from your hotel at 08:00 AM, after breakfast. Drive towards Old Capital of Bengal region - Sonargon (40 km, 2 hrs).
  • Visit Folk-Arts and Crafts Museum (Lokoshilpa Jadughar), Goaldi Mosque(Goaldi Mosjid), a beautiful mosque from medieval period, a School fully made of Bamboo for Disadvantaged Children of the Neglected Hindu Society, and abandoned merchant city - Panam Nagar (Panam City).
  • Lunch on a decent local restaurant.
  • After lunch, you will also visit a Char (River Island) by boat, to see the natural lifestyle of Farmers.
  • Back to the hotel by late afternoon.
  • Dinner at hotel’s dine in.
  • Overnight at Dhaka (Hotel Richmond or De Meridian).
  • End of day 12.

  • Or
  • Pick you up from your hotel at 08:00 AM, after breakfast. Drive towards Pottery Village - Kakran, a place near to Dhamrai (40 km, 2 hrs).
  • Arrived Nayarhat Bazaar at Leave the car and take a 30 minutes boat ride to the Pottery Village, named Kakran.
  • Upon arrival first you will observe life and works at Pottery Village, where people making potteries from generations after generation. Then you will get a chance to test your pottery skill while you are trying to make something with your own.
    Don’t be afraid, they will show you how to do it.
    These people making potteries from many of their generations are locally known as Kumar (Potter). Despite stick to their many generations old traditional family profession from loving, these Potters are currently living in poor conditions.
    Because of the modernized industrial development or revolution, the trade of making pottery is currently dying in our country. As a result more and more Potters are leaving their traditional creative family profession now a day.
    It will be nice if you bring some Candies or Chocolates, and Note-Book along with Pen or Pencil to distribute among the children in the village. The children and their parents will be extremely happy.
  • Back to Nayarhat Bazaar by boat, and drive to Nabinagar.
  • Lunch on a decent local restaurant, and taste some authentic local foods.
  • After lunch, drive towards Dhamrai, and visit the metal crafts workshop where the artisan makes amazing Statues and Crockery staff with Bronze in Lost-Wax Technique.This is the best place to buy some souvenir made of Brass. They make remarkable little things here which are perfect for souvenir.
  • Visit National Martyrs Memorial at Savar on the way back to Dhaka.
  • Back to the hotel by late afternoon.
  • Dinner at hotel’s dine in.
  • Overnight at Dhaka (Hotel Richmond or De Meridian).
  • End of day 12.
13Day Thirteen: Departure, and say Good Bye
  • Checkout from hotel, and Transfer to Dhaka Airport according to your flight schedule, say Good Bye.
  • End of day 13.
  • End of the Tour.
Tour Includes:
  • All airport Pick-up and Drop-off service at Dhaka.
  • All train station Pick-up and Drop-off service at Dhaka, Khulna and Srimangal.
  • 12 Nights accommodation in hotels and boat cabins as mentioned in the itinerary, with complementary breakfast.
  • Lunch on Day-02, and Day-12 on a decent local restaurant (authentic local food).
  • All meals, drinking water, tea, and coffee while on the boat at Sundarbans for three (3) days on Day-04, 05, and 06.
  • Dinner on Day-07, with Cookery session.
  • 1st class air conditioned cabin on the passenger ferry to Hularhat on twin sharing basis.
  • All train and boat rides.
  • All sites entrance tickets.
  • All necessary permission from relevant department.
  • Air-conditioned adequate Transportation.
  • Experienced and well-behaved driver.
  • English speaking, and experienced full time Guide.
  • $75 US Dollar (6000 BDT) per person forest revenue fees for Sundarbans.
  • All tips except our Guide, Driver, and Boat Crew.
Tour Excludes:
  • Any food, drinks, or beverage other than mentioned above.
  • $20 US Dollar (1600 BDT) fees for video camera in Sundarbans (if any).
  • Any personal item(s).
  • Minimum 02 people are required to book this tour outside the scheduled tours. Solo travelers can only join the scheduled tours.
  • Tour is available to start on any Friday, Saturday and Tuesday round the year.
  • This tour can also start on any Sunday* or Wednesday* round the year. But in that case the overnight journey (Dhaka-Hularhat) will be completed with an modernized regular ferry instead of traditional Paddle Steamer.
Rocket Steamer:
  • 1st Class Air-Conditioned tickets of Rocket Steamer depends on availability. You might have to travel on the 2nd Class if 1st Class is not available. Only difference between 1st and 2nd Class on Rocket Steamer is 2nd Class is located in the back side and have no Air-Conditioning. Other facilities are the same. Passengers of 2nd Class can utilize all the facilities of 1st Class, e.g. Dining Area, front side Sitting Area, Toilet.
  • On Friday, Rocket service is off because of weekend holiday. On Monday and Thursday, a traditional ferry comes in service instead of the paddle wheel steamer. If you book for these days or any other days except our mentioned one, you have to travel on the traditional ferry instead of paddle wheel steamer.
  • For any unexpected reason if Rocket Steamer ticket is not available at all, we’ll take you up to Barisal by traditional ferry (overnight part).
  • For any unexpected reason if Rocket Steamer ticket is not available, we will take you from Barisal to Bagerhat (day part) by an air-conditioned vehicle.
  • Note: For more details please see Terms & Conditions and Blog Posts.
  • 1st Class Air-Conditioned tickets of any Train depends on availability. You might have to travel on the 2nd Class if 1st Class is not available. Only difference between 1st and 2nd Class on Train is that the 2nd Class have no Air-Conditioning. Other facilities are the same.
  • In case of traveling on the 2nd class by train, you will have a reserved seat on train.
  • There are several trains run every day in different directions from both sides all around the country. Each train have a different schedule for ON service and OFF service each week, from both sides or starting point. If you book for any otherdays except our mentioned one, and if there is no train is available on that day then you have to travel on a Private Hire Air-Conditioned vehicle or in a 1st Class Air-Conditioned Inter-City Bus instead of Train (whatever is available or convenient).
  • Note: For more details please see Terms & Conditions and Blog Posts.
  • Itinerary of Sundarbans Tour is just a general outline, and not fixed. It could be changed depending on the season, moon phase, tide, day light hours, fog, and natural calamities. But we will try to cover all the places and activities mentioned in the itinerary as much as possible.
  • The boat for Sundarbans is a very basic boat without air-conditioning, electricity, and running hot water (we can supply hot water on a bucket, if anyone asked). It has accommodation facilities for 08 people in maximum, and one western style toilet, with jet spray. (But we have a bigger boat as well as an air-conditioned boat too with better facilities, to arrange tour for bigger groups).
  • The cabins in the boat at Sundarbans are lit by small LED lights unit running on Solar Power.
  • We have a generator in the boat, which will be utilize in evening for couple of hours every day to charge your devices.
  • You will get mobile phone signal of Grameen Phone on the first half of the Day-04 only. In Kotka you will get full network coverage of Teletalk with 2G internet facilities which are very slow. No other SIM card will work inside, or other parts of the forest.
  • For trailing in the forest on Day-05, we will not go through very dense forest, so it will be easy for most of the people. As long as you can walk about 10 km. The trail is dry most of the places, not muddy. Bring covered shoes and hat which are suitable for trailing and can protect you from small grass and trees with spikes and sun.
  • If you do not want to walk, you can remain on the boat which will be still enjoyable, as it will go from Kochikhali to Kotka through small canals, which will be a ride of about 2 hours.
  • Note: For more details please see Terms & Conditions and Blog Posts.
Cell Phone Network Coverage:
  • Literally Grameen Phone (Network Provider) locally known as “GP” is the best cell phone operator or network provider company of our country, which network signal is easily found all over the country (except Sundarbans and some restricted places). But you may also consider Robi, Banglalink or Teletalk.
  • After arrival you can easily locate their selling point (just after passing the immigration point) in side of the Dhaka Airport, where you can easily buy a Pre-Activated SIM-Card and Top-Up from there as well depends on your need. But if somehow you missed it then we can help you to get one.
  • To get this temporary Pre-Activated Sim-Card the provider will not asked anyPhoto IDs’ of yours.
  • This temporary Sim-Card will valid for 60 days or couple of months depends which network provider you choose. After the validity of your Sim-Card is expired it will be automatically De-Activated.
  • If you are more likely hanging in to the over the net phone calls using by various apps (Whats App, IMO, Messenger, Viber, Skype) then just Top-Up a certain amount of money to buy a Internet Plan or Data Bundle Pack like 2GB, 4GB and this data pack will valid for 30 days. The cost will be proximately 500+ BDT.
  • Besides these you will find Wi-Fi access most of your accommodation places all over the country.
  • Note: For more details please see Terms & Conditions and Blog Posts.
  • Citizens of EU, USA, Australia, Canada, Russia and some Asian countries can get Visa on Arrival (VOA) in Bangladesh, which is a pretty easy process.
  • Though there is a rule to take visa beforehand if you have a Bangladesh mission on the country where you are coming from, but this rule is completely overlooked.Most of the airport’s in our country, the Immigration Officers never check whereyou are coming from. They only check if you are a national of a country which are eligible for VOA, and directly issued the visa.
  • Unless there is a long Queue for VOA, it will take just 10-15 minutes of your time to get VOA. Fee for most of the country is 51 Dollar USD. You will not require any previous application or anything else to get the visa. However, they will ask you for your hotel reservation and a phone no of the hotel or where ever you stayed in during your visit to this country. You just simply show our details itinerary which we will send you once you confirm your booking, where all the hotels information will be written and also give them the contact details of ours. They will be happy enough to give you a VOA for maximum 30 days validity.
  • Note: For more details please see Travel Essentials and Blog Posts.
Foreign Exchange:
  • ATM Availability: Although Bangladesh has many ATMs, some of these do not accept foreign cards – your guide can give advice on which ATM’s to use but we do not advise relying on ATM’s alone for money.
  • Bank Card Acceptance: Cards are generally accepted only in expensive shops and restaurants.
  • Local Currency: Taka (BDT).
  • Recommended Currency for Exchange: US Dollar, but EURO is ok.
  • Where to Exchange: There are a number of exchange houses in large towns and cities. You can also exchange from any bank as well.
  • Note: For more details please see Travel Essentials and Blog Posts.
  • All breakfast, 07 lunches, and 04 dinners are included on the trip. Lunch and Dinner will be Two Course Meal (main course and dessert).
  • Literally the menu (Sundarbans part only) is bit mixed up with Fried Vegetable, Fish (fried or curry), King Prawns, Meat Curry (Chicken, Beef or Goat), Lentils Soup, and Fresh Salad.
  • Our food is completely Gluten Free.
  • We can also cook or arrange separate menu for Vegetarian or Vegan as well.
  • You need to pay for rest of the lunches and dinners during your trip except the mentioned ones in the itinerary. A full portion of meal on a decent local restaurant will cost about $2 - $7 USD.
  • Restaurants are widely available everywhere. There are few types of restaurant you will find, depends on their food, quality, hygiene and price. Our guide will help you to find decent restaurant where you will get the best quality food.
  • Most of the common Bengali Food is very tasty rather than Indian food. But the main difference is that the Bengali Food is bit spicy considering the Indian dishes.
  • Most of the places in Bangladesh you will find some common food like Kichuri (Kichudi / Kichdi), and Biriyani (Birani). Kichuri is a dish make with aromatic rice and lentils and served with a piece of meat or egg. Other hand Biriyani is a special dish cooked together with meat, aromatic rice and added spices.
  • You will find some Fast-Food corner as well. You can also find Samosa (Somocha) and Singara (Samosa) as a snacks everywhere.
  • Tea and soft drinks are very cheap. Mineral water is widely available.
  • We can take you to the Western Restaurant (depends on availability) if you wish (only on private tour) on your own expenses.
  • Note: For more details please see Terms & Conditions and Blog Posts.
Menu (Sundarbans only):
  • Early Morning Break: Cookies or Biscuits or Cake (Local), Tea or Coffe, Mineral Water.
  • Breakfast: Bread Toast or Paratha or Ruti or Cha-Pati, Jam or Marmalade or Bread Spread, Buuter or Margarine, Mixed Fried Vegetable, Omelet or Egg-Scrambled or Pouch or Boiled, Honey (collect from Sundarbans), Banana (locally collected), Mineral Water, Tea or Coffee.
  • Lunch & Dinner: Plain Rice or Fried Rice, Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetable, Fish Fry (Gold-Spot Mullet or Barramundi fish) or Fish Curry (Gold-Spot Mullet or Long Whiskers Catfish or Barramundi fish), King Prawns Curry, Meat Curry (Chicken or Beef or Goat), BBQ (Chicken) Lentil Soup, Fresh Salad, Coke, Mineral Water.
  • Dessert: Curd (Sweet or Sour), Sweets (Golab Jamun or Local), Seasonal Fruits (Mango or Pineapple or Pomegranate or Apple or Orange)
  • Evening Snacks: Puffed Rice or Rice Flakes, Chole Masala, Potato Fritters, Aubergine (Egg-Plants) Fritters, Noodles, Tea or Coffee, Mineral Water.
  • Note: For more details please see Terms & Conditions.
  • Bangladesh is a secular Muslim country, and whilst the people are very liberal and friendly, alcohol is not widely available. There are few hotels on the trip which have a bar, and even at these establishments you cannot usually drink in the restaurant.
  • Local beer, when available, costs approx. $ 3 USD for a 300ml can, and a measure of spirits is similarly priced. Wine is not available. It may sometimes be possible to purchase alcohol outside the hotels, but it is prohibited to consume in public places. There is a duty free shop at Dhaka airport (before immigration) and you are permitted to buy and carry two bottles of spirits per person.
  • In Dhaka, there are some wire houses from where you can buy alcohol showing your foreign passport. Usually they sell whole cartons of 24 bottles/cans, you can buy single bottle or can as well but the price will be little higher that time.
  • Note: For more details please see Terms & Conditions and Blog Posts.
Tipping / Bakshis:
  • Tipping is common practice in Asia. There is no fixed limit in Bangladesh for tipping; most workers will expect a small tip, especially from foreigners. Anything from 100 Taka upwards, depending on the service provided by person.
  • At the end of the tour, if your principle guide, the driver and the boat crews have been helpful then you could think about tipping them. The amount can obviously be left to you.
  • Note: For more details please see Blog Posts.
Tour Facts:
  • We do not arrange Big Group Tours only because your best chance to spot wildlife and enjoy your trip smoothly on Bangaldesh. When you go on a private tour with small group where people are very limited, it will enhance your chances to spot more wildlife, and experience more things.
  • People normally choose Bangaldesh tour with big groups in cheaper packages, which ending up seeing very little or nothing at all.
  • Besides, big groups somehow always create problems and which are difficult to handle some time, e.g. if one member of the group is being late or delayed then the whole group suffer for the person and if this happens then you need to cutout some activities from your days itinerary for remain on the schedule.
  • Another reason why we not arrange big group tours, only to maintain the quality and standard your tour. So, we can assure and guaranteed your satisfaction.
  • We organize only small group tours where people are limited (maximum 06 person) for only one purpose to give you the best experiences of Bangladesh which will worth your time and money.
  • Booking this tour at least 03 weeks in advance is advised.
  • You need to wear modest cloths to enter the mosque, temple included on the tour. It’s not possible and also forbidden to visit the mosque, temple wearing shorts.
  • Ladies need to cover their arms and hair while entering the mosque, temple.
  • Shoes must leave outside while entering the mosque and temple.
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